Our Role in the Real Estate Transaction:

When the property becomes under contract, the title company will become the central source of information and communication for all of the parties involved. We will communicate almost on a daily basis with the buyer and seller, buyer's and seller's real estate agents, buyer's lender, and any other third parties involved in the transaction.

We'll do a title search on the property, review the history and ownership interests, and legal rights of all the parties that are included in the transaction. Upon approval of the mortgage, we'll facilitate and coordinate closing with all of the parties included. We'll prepare and notorize all documents, accept and send out funds to the parties, and record all needed legal documents to insure proper ownership transfer. Last but not least and most important, we'll send title insurance to the new buyer and the lender (if any), so the buyer's purchase and ownership are finalized.

The title company you choose to do your business with will handle the most important part of the real estate process, so choose carefully and shop around. Statistics have shown that under 2% of buyers and sellers take the time shop for a title company. The title company's part in the process is too vital to depend on a simple recommendation from the real estate agents and/or lenders.